The work that I develop reflects a painter immersed in popular culture and persistently refracting the images in inventive ways. The vibration of light insinuates the focal point, which is the figure of beauty.

The visibility of my work reflects many profiles, not all of them visible at the same moment. The subject matter always places a figure in a surreal situation in which every section of the surface records an active desire to see the proper translation of each mark with the mediums used. The paintings themselves are ineffably colorful. Each work reflects the power of visual analysis. The image of stylistic coherence, showing light that shines from the surface through color, imitates the abstract or realistic perspective.

I enjoy purity and have an appetite for metaphor. The transcendental ambition of Expressionism is my desire. You can reach a higher world of images by passing through the “mystical” and the “primitive” to escape from the politics of immediate experience.

John Y. Shamel